The design of commercial ceiling systems is influenced by several factors, with a particular focus on accommodating air distribution ducts and plenums, power and telecom wiring, fire and life safety systems, security systems and an increasingly complex and dense distribution of horizontal systems.

As buildings and businesses undergo unpredictable and rapid change, systems are continuously modified, requiring greater ease of reconfiguration and flexibility than ever before. These requirements may dictate a suspended ceiling, which provides a finished interior that allows access to systems located in the plenum space above, or an open plenum, which provides a ceiling that leaves systems exposed for ease of accessibility.

This Webcast will discuss the findings of an in-depth life cycle cost study initiated by the Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA) that looks at the cost and performance benefits of suspended ceiling vs. open plenum design.

It concludes with an in-depth Question and Answer segment featuring industry experts Robert Grupe, Director, USG and Bill Frantz, Senior Principal Scientist, Armstrong World Industries.

The webcast will discuss:
• The differences in construction and operating costs
• Performance issues such as fire integrity, energy performance, ease of maintenance, lighting and acoustic performance
• Various design considerations

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